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reporter from ohio asked this question. >> were you born in toll leado as well? okay. i was. >> their dad, jack, who led the coaching foundation for john and jim might be the reason for similar styles. >> philosophical commonalties? that would be hard to spell now. i know we couldn't spell commonalty at this point. >> could we have the first post game bear hug instead of a hand snake. >> i've given no consideration to the post game handshake or bear hug. not thought about that for one second, jerry. have you jim snoo i have not. >> the team looser usually is the team that wins. if indictive of personalities, advantage, right now. we're going to hear from their
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mother coming up at 5:00. >> you're saying advantage ravens is that why you're wearing ravens sweater? whatever that is? >> i've got to go. it was a gift from john harbaugh. 18 years ago, steve young led 49ers to victory in the super bowl. and he was a running quarterback when it wasn't fashionable to be one. today he was on the set with his old espn gang. i asked steve young about in chicago, he can make all of the throws. you don't do that as a young kid. that part is special. rest of it will be exkbreerns and thing that's come up f he can win a super bowl in his pocket, throwing a ball that he does with the legs you can see what people are excited
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about. >> they're many wonderful stories here in new orleans. abc 7 morning news reporter spent the morning behind the scene was the crew of good morning america. you can follow katie. we'll have the story back stage at gma coming up later on in this newscast that. is all from new orleans we'll see you in just a little bit. >> district attorney is calling on 49er fans to celebrate peacefully this sunday. >> he wants people to avoid vandalism and destruction we saw after giants won the series. >> we are live in san francisco mission district with more on this for us. >> one of the neighborhoods where a few peqz9% went wild.
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this neighborhood saw vandalism and recycling bins, set on fire this, time, police said they'll double the number of officers and none of that will be tolerated. in fact, the mayor of san franciscob6d and chiefs reportd an announcement asking people to keep things under control. and... today, the district attorney showed mug shots of 14 people arrested and already, prosecuted or being prosecuted for their role if the october disturbances. george gascone used pictures to warn people that there will be conseek qechbss if things get out of hand. >> this police department will be out there in force. i just want to make it very clear that our office and i will personally be, committing to prosecuting those who decide to go out there and hurt someone, or damage property.
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>> and the sheriff's department announcement will have officers at different locations to assist police and to help transport those arrested. many per chants here in the mission between 16th and 17th, especially restaurants will remain open hours after the q& they're hoping fans will keep their cool. >> thank you very much. it's going to be a great game. then turn to abc 7 news to see celebrations. our teams in new orleans and in the bay area will have live updates on the air with up to the minute reports on how niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy as well. >> happening now police are investigating the death of a teenager in fairfield. >> yes. the body found this morning in a parking lot. a police officer was flagged down by someone who made this discovery at about 6:45 this
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morning. >> police say there are no obvious signs of foul play but until determined how she died they've in the ruled out homicide. >> from early stages we've got to figure out why she was in the park. cause of death, who she s try to get identification on her. >> an autopsy being conducted this afternoon. we're going to have more coming up at 5:00. >> the number of people coming down with the flu is rising in california this comes as santa clara county confirms two homeless men in their 50s die frtd flu last month. the number has not yet peaked this winter, doctors stress it's not too late to get a flu shot. washing hands can also. >> a 30-year-old mitchell pope is a suspect ins many as three
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shootings just this year. police say pope apparently altered his looks in order to avoid capture, pope tracked down a home and taken into custody today. >> police arrested four people today after officers say they una.dressed a ban on public nudity. the board approved the law by a 7-4 vote in de.s a judge upheld it this week saying nude city not protected as free speech. >> if you use anthem blue cross you just got hit with a rake hike. >> 750,000 anthem customers will see premiums rise according to consumer watch dog. the group says it's the second nim less than a year anthem raised rates in this state. anthem parent company, well point announce aid 38% increase in the 4th quarter of 2012 compared to previous year.
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and you you saw it for a live report. nice weather in new orleans. >> yes. spencer christian is here with a look at what is ahead coming up this weekend. >> clouds in the sky today, more than yesterday. you can see we have cloudsyñq" down in the southern part of the viewing area. they have not kept us from having another mild day. right now, temperatures into mid to upper 60s across the bay area. 668 in los gatos, during evening hours, we'll continue to see some clouds in the sky. we'll call it partly cloudy skies. breezy in spots. tomorrow morning we'll have hazy filtered sunshine. low temperatures dropping down to around freezing.
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we'll have a wide range into early morn prg low 30s to mid-40s. other mild day, cooler at the coast tomorrow, highs will be reaching from upper 50s to about 60. we'll see mid to upper 60s in locations inland and around the bay. looking beyond tomorrow, we can see changes in the pattern. i'll tell but that later. >> thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 beach warning. advice to dog owners cocoa save pelt lives and their own. >> plus, smash and grab. brazen thieves carrying out a planned heist in northern california. we'll have the story. >> an alaska air lines pilot pose pass out in, flight what. may have caused this blackout. >> here, 7 on your side michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here live just a little bit later. >> checking your friday get
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away now, if you're trying to head east through san francisco, it's going to take time. traffic there on the left trying to do just that. trying to do just that. this is looking pretty well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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police looking for a crew that pulled off a smash and grab robbery. an suv slammed through the
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security gate at day jewelers store. three burglars made a bee line for the cases. stockton police say they haven't had quite this brazen a robbery in sometime. thieves didn't know jewelry well. word is that they took the cheapest stuff in the store. they didn't know what they were doing. >> wall street starting off this month with big gain autos yes. emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. >> good afternoon. a rally today. the dow hit 14,000, a point it hadn't reached since before the crisis in october, 2007. a better than expected jobs report out had morning pushing the dow past this mark and we had a strong manufacturing report adding to those market gain was green arrow as cross the board at the close. your bloomberg silicon valley
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index higher today thanks to a surge in google stocks. apple and samsung duking it out. which company is king seems to change depending on numbers you look at. t/.ç/0, you can score a win for apple. new data shows apple has surpassed samsung as top mobile phone maker in the u.s. for the first time, last quarter nabbing 34% of the smart phone market. samsung still dominating apple in world wide sales. black berry won't available in the u.s. until march but there are a number of unlocked z 10s for sale with one attracting kids of $1700. unlocked phone expected to cost $600 when it goes on sale in the united states. the phone came out in the uk yesterday.
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more best buy stores are shutting down this, time in canada. best buy shutting down 15 store stores and estimated 900 workers will lose their jobs. best buy hopes to open more small stores in canada part of the strat zwroi slim down its retail operations. the retailer shut 53 u.s. stores in the last year. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, carolyn, dan, back to you. go, niner autos thank you. >> coast guard, national parks and spca are joining together to warn dog owners about dangers of northern california beaches. since november there have been five deaths on beaches. many times, so called sneaker waves rise up and sweep pets out to sea. the danger is magnified when owners jump in, after them. >> you cannot warn you enough to resist the urge to go into the surf after your dog. it's heart breaking year after year werk see folk goesing in
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after pets, almost always the dog makes it out. the people do not. it's heart breaking. >> keep in mind many dogs have webbed street, a strong tail and know how to paddle and can float them. say dogs usually come out further down the beach than where they went in. >> they go on instinct. most times, they are okay. let's talk about the weather. it's fabulous. >> yes. warm out there. >> it s we have temperatures high, well above average at like they're goingóbi>q remain n that range for a while. look at this expanse of thin clouds like sort of a fan opening out over the bayitqux. it's a beautiful afternoon. you can see evidence of thin clouds radar image.
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clouds advancing from our . still, mainly sunny skies and mild right now. let's take a look at our forecast features, cool conditions tonight, it will be chilly interior valleys, breezy at times, mild. weekend with high clouds around. much like right now but this pattern changes next week. we get a bit of a chance of rain. beach hazard alert to tell but in effect from tonight to sunday morning there may be sneaker waves developing sou should stay away from water's edge a void slippery rocks. this could pose a threat. low temperatures tonight into mid-30s. low to mid-30s in places like santa rosa and napa. right around the bay we'll see upper 30s to low 40s, cool in spots, chilly in others. satellite shows big high pressure ridge which is still
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forming a blocking pattern. strong ridge lifting jet stream well north. there are no weather he disturbances headed our way. take a look at clouds streaming up into our direction. so we'll have more filtered sunshine throughout the weekend gchl news is that it will be dry, and mild with highs into south bay mainly into mid-60s. 65 in cupertino. and san jose. peninsula, low to mid-60s. 64 in pal yes alto. cooler on the coast tomorrow. highs of only 59 in pacifica. 60s in half moon bay. downtown just 61 tomorrow, we've had mid-60s much of the week. 60s in the sunset district. mid-60s, 64 santa rosa. east bay highs of 61 in oaklandñdv, 2 and low 60s near the bay. coastal locations cooler tomorrow.
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but milder inland. declining air quality, mild, though. it will be mild on sunday. with improving air quality. all hearts will be with niners as well. mild weather throughout monday. and there safe chance of showers towards end of the week. going to be cooler by the way at the end of the week. high temperatures only into 50s. >> all right that. will change. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up here next, talking about super bowl. former mayor who wrote a 49er anthem wants to know sing on a bigger scale. >> it's a special day of remembrance. in memory ofçañv 7 astronauts wo perished aboard the space shuttle columbia. we'll have a special report coming up. >> and first a special message
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from our troops overseas. >> supporting my san francisco 49ers. it's been 18 years, i need to update
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>> this song comes from the voice of ed man yule, known as singing mayor of contra costa. >> he wrote several cheer songs in the 80s before he became mayor of hercules. he is hoping it lands him singing a gig at the games. team mascots patterns and feng sui. he says it points to a viblgtry sunday. >> you done. >> according to some rock star there's is something special rising from ash autos plus, bruce willis celebrates an action packed milestone. >> it's been 5 years since bruce willas starred in the first "die hard" movie.
4:23 pm
there is a massive new mural showing the famous character in the die hard original. >> no one has one like this in hollywood you don't see it often. >> do you remember what you were say something. >> now, it's time for yet another adventure. a good day to die hard opens valentine's day. rock stars hitting big screen but for a documentary sharing their love for legendary recording studio, sound city. >> this is like rising from ashes again. the board is still alive, making great music. >> it's in select theaters now. and it's february meaning it's
4:24 pm
officially oscar month. check out to make friends on facebook. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 airport security alert. questions being raised about the job that bomb-sniffing dogs are not doing. >> and a scare for passengers after the pilot passes out in flight. what is behind the/vy/out. >> the first program of its kind in the nation. id cards used as debit cards. and... on the brand new bay bridge we'll give you
4:25 pm
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the city of oakland is launching a first ever id prepaid debit card program designed to help people who need services but cannot get them because they don't have an official form of identification. >> oh, yeah. they charge for everything. >> eric just left a store on international boulevard in oakland. he heard the city along with
4:28 pm
financial institution is offering a city id also have a debit card function.b?hd >> it's there for people that, you know, saying... in the ghetto. you know? that is not making too much. >> the mayor ask officials from sf global and community owe organizers opened a new enterprise with a ribbon cutting. officials showed us the web(áj site up monday for anyone who wants to register for the card. only requirement is the ability to show a form of valid id. this is the first city in the united states issuing this card. >> former city councilman says he has been fighting for this card for years. >> important function is that they can't open a bank account. >> so only an id card from
4:29 pm
mexican consulate. he says the card would be a good fit. >> it would give me an ability to not have to worry about a company or business not forming my form of identification. >> sf global claims it will be secure as any global debit card. preregistration beginning february 19th. in oakland abc 7 news. >> a government investigation suggests that taxpayer dollars being wasted on bomb-sniffing dogs in airports. the investigation says the cost to the tsa dex dogs almost doubled in two years from $52 kblinl to $100 million and with poor results to foot. watch this. look. one dog walks past a woman in
4:30 pm
pink, carrying an explosive training device in the backpack. he persues an innocent passenger. officials say better oversite is needed here. >> california airlines says the pilot who suddenly passed out last night is doing better today. that pilot collapsed forcing the co-pilot to make an emergency landing. >> the captain has problems in the cockpit. and came out and claptsed. hit his head. >> this is frightful. we didn't know if computer technology was going to take over. >> the airline says the pilot was suffering from food poisoning or perhaps, the flu. another plane made a landing january 22 after co-pimt
4:31 pm
fainted. >> energy secretary steven chu is the latest cabinet member to announce he is leaving the obama administration announcing he plans to resign as soon as his successor is confirmed. he within a nobel prize in physics in 1997. in 2011 he drew criticism from republicans forgiving a federal loan to sol lind dra. the company later, as you probably know, went bankrupt. >> an emotional send off for hillary clinton. staffers gave her a huge ovation and clinton urged thom work hard for john kerry when he assumes the job. also saying she's more convinced in the strength of the blobal read leader shivep.
4:32 pm
kerry and his wife greeted the media after being sworn in during a private ceremony. he says he's honored to be the 6th secretary of state and anxious to get to work monday morning. >> the new bay bridge is scheduled to open later this year and so far, all work is on schedule. we're live with an update. hi, heather. >> hi. carolyn. we're on what is called skyway section of the bridge. only 213 days left before opening. their different and among things you can look forward to i'm standing is going to be a shoulder. hopefully that help was traffic flow. skyway decks are side by side for each other.
4:33 pm
so drivers and vehicles that cross will have a beautiful view if both directions. showing you some of the work you cannot see. if you're driving by. the bridge is made up of different separate construction projects. one of the last major ones is called oakland touchdown. the deck has to settle before final pour. sometime in the middle of the month also pedestrian and bike paths have been billed out as far asghdtt can be. there is a section that has to be demolished and that will happen over that last labor day weekend before the bridge
4:34 pm
opens. >> this is going to be something that bay area residents is going to be a treat for them. not too many people know what it's like we're used to it, walking or riding a bicycle3,crs a different experience. >> planning for the opening ceremonies is alreadiway, hopefully include an opportunity for the public to walk on what will be the roadway. that is yet to be determined and announced we're going to show you some of what is underneath the bridge to keep it safe in high winds. >> we're counting down now
4:35 pm
just 213 day as way. >> and to that is going to be a nice change. >> coming up next a special tail gate party today in new orleans.nnfh >> good morning america takes over the french quarter. we'll have a look at the tail gate party plus, chef emeril and 49ers jerry rice. >> i was invited. >> miblg michael finney and the q and a is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. and on twitter, m fin yeechl i'll answer your questions right here live a little later. >> i'm spencer christian ask z.i've got my invitation. clouds moving into the sky. no rain is on the way. i'll have the forecast kooum. >> carolyn and i got ours. >> this is 680 in walnut creek
4:36 pm
moving well, perhaps heavier for those folks trying to head northbound right now. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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>> getting closer to big game, more big names now descending on new orleans. >> yes. this morning good morning america set up for a tail gate party.
4:39 pm
>> check it out. >> i guess this is what it's going to sound like once, go, niners. >> oh! >> play that over and over. >> it wasn't just josh ask sam.> i'm thinking san francisco 49ers, 24-17. very physical game. it will be great to bring number six home. i feel like that is going to do that. >> and someone had to bring the food its exciting. and with two of them put together it's magical. >> i think we've had eight meals. like eight, six meals yesterday. >> yes. in two-hours. >> food is great but took convincing to bring sam around.
4:40 pm
>> can i root for san francisco? why snot. >> come on. >> say stuff like collin kaepernick. >> robin roberts is here in new orleans and she did stop by the set, but only to say hello to friends. she's making a sted yu come back but does have to be careful in crowds to protect pictures of fans showing their pride to share with you. these guys say they're waiting for the sixth trophy watch. >> check out this. this is about niners you can see. >> there is wung picture we've seen received this, little girl is happy uk send your photos to us we're getting
4:41 pm
great shots and fun to share them. >> yes. let's update our accu-weather forecast. >> yes. >> doppler 7 hd, you can see clouds continuing to rise up from the south. high clouds and sunny skies. nationwide, cold condition was highs into teens and fargo and minneapolis. snow over great lakes. mild weather, partly cloudly to mainly sunny skies. high temperatures through monday. there will be lots of folks enjoying outdoor activities leading up to super bowl sunday evening. central time that, s bay area tomorrow, state wide, sunny skies, warm conditions and and mild into northern two thirds of the state. that is including the bay area,
4:42 pm
cooler tomorrow, highs only around 60 degrees near the coast. milder inland into south bay. up north, 64 santa rosa. pleasant weather tomorrow, looks like that way throughout . so prepare for that. >> coming up, changes coming to birth control rules in the u.s. what the government will now allow. >> news about school snacks. new rules affecting what your child eats every day. >> coming up in q and a, new mortgage rules that are pretty shocking. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and there is another shout out from troops serving oversea autos yes. i'd like to say helly to -- hello to family and friends back home.
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friends back home. good look, of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful
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obama administration is ready to compromise whit comes to contraception in affordable health care act. the health and human services department says it will offer health coverage that does not include contraception but there needs to be a third part yes provide coverage for women. the new proposal aims to find middle ground between faith based nonprofits and women groups supporting required coverage of birth control. >> new information on pregnancy and women over 40. british researchers say pregnant women over 40 should be given the option of being induce early. the royal college of obstetricians says inducing at 39 weeks could prevent 17 vi#(3ear.ths in the uk every data shows 39-40 weeks pregnant over 40 double the risk of still birth. >> for the first time the noft is proposing standards today
4:47 pm
make school snacks healthy yefr, banning sales of almost all candy, and greasy foods on campus. they're an effort to r combat childhood obesity. and now, consumer news, greg asks if i get an fha loan do very to pay the mortgage insurance premium forever? >> this is p mismt insurance says if you put down less than 80% then have you to ensure that and pay extra every month. in early 09s i fought like the devil to get the rules changed because used to have to pay for the 30 years of the loan. so we got rules changed said once have you 80% loan to
4:48 pm
value, then, you no longer had to pay pmi. okay. now, going up to here. it turns out fha is not regulate bid this rule. they say from now on, come bit it. if have you to pay mortgage insurance because putting down less than 80% then you've got to pay for the length of the loan. >> yeel? >> yes. >> it's interesting. fha loans are cheaper than others but now you're going have to measure and pay pmi for the live of the loan. >> val asks why does it take a week to get a notice from a credit unit that the check bounce bid that time, three or four have bounced. >> why? because thairp the financial institution. and no obligation to tell ug what is going on fflt you're expecting a check to go into
4:49 pm
an account you check, now if you go and check your account they have to tell what you is going on. and this is pretty easy to do. if you wait for them to notify you, you'll wait an awful long time. kykçqq. if you're looking for a place to watch the super bowl there are fun, cheap deals you should know about.íg'rñ parkway theater is showing it for $10 a see. you get a free drink. cool, huh? independent in san francisco's district. they zront a kitchen, it's free but there is a two drink minimum, ie, no kids. then, vine cinema has a 30
4:50 pm
foot screen you can take in the game. >> thank you. >> sure. >> up next remembering crew of columbia. >> tributes at nasa ames here in the bay area, stay with us. >> coming up at 5:00 it's a >> he'd pay me for baby-sitting then, they started doing more than that. they just... >> a local teen shares how she was forced into a live of sex slavery without her parents knowing and harbagugh brothers share which paren
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
flags being flown at half staff across the country today to mark the 10th anniversary of the columbia shuttle disaster. 7 astronauts died including
4:54 pm
one who spent her time in mountain view. 10 years may seem like an eternity. research center is where one worked as an astronaut candidate during early 1990s and shared an office with christopher fer @wood. dr. atwood recalls her interelect and suitibility to be an astronaut. >> you can get passionate about things like momentum and math she. was very diplomatic about it. yet, very firm. that led her tb a great mission specialist. >> her personal items will be on display through march and a day of remembrance, pointing out astronauts now missions
4:55 pm
involve risk. yet they have lofty goals. >> there is a bault with about them for the greater good of humanity. impact new discoveries will make on us as a people. >> the catastrophic impact of3lñ columbia as it prepared to land is a painful memory. one soul aboard will always bring a smile to her one-time office mate. >> she introduced my wife and i to each other through reaching out to friends and then... we're married happily married to this day. >> her mission was cut short she's never theless become a role model of others who would like to continue space exploration.
4:56 pm
we're seeing a number increase on a number of people on how to respond to an intruder on campus, san jose city college is one of those taking a proactive stance. >> we're hoping to train students and teachers to survive. >> tonight, exclusive access to a recent active shooter training and what measures they're taking to try to avoid another school massacre. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> our live super bowl coverage from new orleans continues at 5:00. what the harbaugh brothers explain how their mother gave them their competitive edge. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center we're
4:57 pm
on a role here but will luck hold throughout the weekend? find out, coming up. >> just called me one day. >> the baby-sitting job turning into a frightening life of sex slavery. a victim tells abc 7 news how she got trapped while still living at home. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings in an interview with a teenager we're talking about now. horrors of human slavery are hitting home. how she was lured underground. it's a story only on abc 7 news. >> she was not a troubled teen they're the ones that tend to be vulnerable to this. the message is that this could happen to anyone's children,
4:58 pm
anywhere. we're asked not to use her real name, nor her mother autos she wasn't a drug addict. she wasn't out partying she is a good kid. >> we'll call her dorothy, and the 16-year-old daughter, jill victim of a sex trafficking ring. >> very good grades in school, awesome friends, close to my mom, my family. >> you don't think something like this can happen. to... a family like ours. >> but it did. to this family, who lived in a nice safe suburban neighborhood. she applied for a baby-sitting job a couple that just moved in. >> i started baby-sitting for them, then, like after that, is when things started to be revealed. >> it turns out the couple was trafficking young girls including some of her friends. david prince is an assistant special agent in charge of ice.
4:59 pm
>> she was coerced then, forced into trafficking business. >> they beat my friends and i saw it. my friend had a broken collar bone i was scared. they were involved with gangs and drugs and violence. i wanted not only to protect myself, but my family. they knew where i lived. they knew my friends. they -- had control offer me. >> then, one day dorothy received a call from police saying her daughter was arrested in a hotel for prostitution. >> i got the call and i was in denial. i thought there was a mistake. >> traffickers arrested and convicted. >> it's been a long road but we're strong. and she's strong. and she's

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